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Clarifying the Need

Sometimes discussing Europe as a mission field feels like talking to Eskimos about global warming. How can the continent that developed the creeds, spawned the Reformation, and birthed modern missions itself be a mission field? Our friend Ed Stetzer nails it pretty well.

According to the European Spiritual Estimate (http://emrg.friderich.net/), only 4.2% of that population follow Jesus and demonstrate a concern about the people around them following Jesus. Hundreds of millions of people are waiting to have the opportunity to encounter the transforming power of the gospel.In most Western European countries, evangelism research shows that less than 2 percent of the population is evangelical. ("European Believers Report", 2007 by Ruth Robinson, Greater Europe Mission). The only exception to this is Scandinavia, and they have a whopping 3 percent according to most studies. ("European Believers Report", 2007 by Ruth Robinson, Greater Europe Mission) The worldview of most indigenous Europeans is post- Christian/secular.

God's Spirit is issuing a modern Macedonian Call: Can you hear it?