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Why Germany Needs the Gospel

  • A country with a population of 80 million, the estimated number of Evangelical believers in Germany is between 1-3%.
  • The majority of towns and cities in Germany with a population of 5000 or more do not have an Evangelical church; in Bavaria, that statistic is over 75%.
  • Christianity is declining every year as more Germans turn their back on
    organised religion.

A country where religious freedom is guaranteed in the constitution, the Catholic and Lutheran Churches are strongly established in Germany. However, the high percentage of Germans who identify as Christian often reflects only a nominal affiliation. Post-war Germany has seen an increasing marginalisation of Christianity, with church
attendance falling and many people disaffiliating in order to avoid paying the state-levied tax to the church. The birthplace of the Reformation five hundred years ago,
Germany is in need of another fresh breath from the Gospel.

Most statistics taken from Operation World 7th Edition (2010).