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A Home for Our School of Ministry

Our mission is to plant Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible, campus-reaching, disciple-making churches in every European nation by 2040. Help provide a base for our Every Nation School of Ministry, Europe to further this mission.


New church plants are the future of God’s kingdom advancing across Europe. Aging congregations now barely survive in ancient, oversized, undercrowded buildings that are perceived more like tourist destinations and historical artifacts than as doorways to the way, the truth, and the life.

New church plants can be launched almost anywhere, but they do need leaders.

We have developed a comprehensive training program that not only lays biblical foundations and builds healthy theological perspectives, but also equips leaders with practical skills and dynamic spirituality to plant, lead, and grow Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, contextually appropriate churches. Already, ENSM graduates are serving in 15 nations. 


ENSM is a fifteen-month comprehensive training school for pastors, cross-cultural missionaries, campus leaders, and church planters. In its current nomadic and mostly virtual format, it must limit its in-person, residential period to two weeks in the course of fifteen months.

Having a home for the ministry school would not only expand the current program but would also allow for greater training opportunities for more leaders across Europe. The permanent building would also serve as Every Nation's European administrative hub for program development and execution.



Advancing the gospel across Europe means targeting places like Bathgate. This strategically-located town is a microcosm of the secularization that has happened across Europe.

Not only is this the most strategic location in this town, but it is also in the heart of Scotland, within an hour of the nation’s two major international airports. It will serve as a base for training and sending missionaries into God’s great harvest.

It’s time for us to reach Europe from the heart of Scotland. God is going to use our prophetic act of rebuilding the ancient ruins and re-digging wells to spark revival, transform Scotland, and launch gospel advance across Europe.


We need to act now to purchase an iconic city-center church as a home for our ministry school. As we redeem this building for God's glory, we’re going to see it break out all across Europe.

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