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Our Vision

Our vision:

We see Europe transformed.The love of Christ will capture hearts and the truth of Christ will conquer minds. The light of God’s Word will again shine brightly in the homes, schools, universities, and institutions of Europe. Churches all over the continent will be alive with passion for the Lord Jesus and marked by the powerful preaching of His Word. Europe will again be spiritually free, spiritually alive, and spiritually powerful. To accomplish this, it is our goal to plant 50 churches over the next 20 years in the key
educational, cultural, and business centers of Europe. You can help make this happen.

Our vision is rooted in the power of the gospel.

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to the spiritual, social, and
cultural challenges facing Europe. Paul wrote that “the gospel is the power of God unto
salvation” (Romans 1:16) – and we share his optimism in the gospel.

We believe that the power of God is stronger than the spiritual darkness brooding
over Europe.

We believe that the best way to reach Europe with the gospel is to plant Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered churches that effectively reach lost people with the gospel.

We believe that Europe can and will be a different place as God transforms the spiritual atmosphere, cultural direction, and moral fabric of the continent.

We believe that God will win in Europe.