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Ryu and Jam Raymundo

Ryu & Jam are based in Madrid.

Ryu and JamRyu & Jam are both from the Philippines and products of campus ministry in Victory Katipunan.

In 2018, Ryu went to Madrid, Spain to volunteer and help the church, Iglesia Vidapasionada. Jam followed in 2019 and they got married by the end of the year.

What was supposed to be a year of just volunteering turned out to be just the start of their adventure in Spain. Now, Ryu is serving full-time in the church while Jam volunteers for the online and technical needs of the church.

In spite of the challenge of learning the language, they’re both excited to serve and bring back the hope found in Jesus to Spain, the nation that brought Christianity to the Philippines in the first place.

Website: www.vidapasionada.org/

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