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Why Spain Needs the Gospel

  • There are only about 461,998 Evangelicals - about 1% of the population - in Spain.
  • Twenty-eight of Spain’s 52 provinces have fewer than 1,000 Evangelical believers.
  • There are still more then 7,500 towns with populations over five thousand that have no Evangelical witness.

Spain’s population is around 47.1 million, and much of the country is in turmoil since the recent economic crisis. A country where Catholicism was the state religion, and is still given special governmental consideration, there was discrimination especially against Evangelicals. Most of the growth in the number of Evangelicals since 1960 has occurred through immigration. There is a great need for negative perceptions of the Evangelical Church to be changed, so that they can reach the Spanish people.

Most statistics taken from Operation World 7th Edition (2010).