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Why Sweden Needs the Gospel

  • 6.9% of the population (9.2 million) profess themselves Evangelicals.
  • The number of Evangelicals is slowly decreasing by 0.6% per year.
  • Those who call themselves Christians are 57% of the population, but church attendance for the Church of Sweden is around only 1-2% of membership.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed in Sweden, although the Church of Sweden
(Lutheran) was the state church until 2000. It still has an important role in the country, but is faced with increasing disaffiliation. Religious views are increasingly marginalised as Sweden becomes a more secular state. There is great unity among Evangelicals, and a number of Evangelical congregations on the local level, but the public level is
dominated by secularism and liberalism.

Most statistics taken from Operation World 7th Edition (2010).