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Our History

CECP was established in 2004 to plant churches in Europe.

After planting churches in western Ukraine in the 1990’s, our founder, Tom Jackson,
began processing a calling to return to Europe.  He and Jean and a team moved to
Scotland and planted a church in Edinburgh in 2005 and a 2nd congregation in
Bathgate in 2010.

But more than planting churches himself, Tom realised that many missionaries and many church planters needed to be deployed in Europe. In reflecting on his previous church planting experience, he observed that often missionaries and church planters working in Europe face unique personal, ministry, and cultural challenges in advancing the gospel.  It is our conviction that financial partnership and logistical support should serve, not hinder, the missionary task.  We believe that missionaries should focus on the gospel, and that through partnership the body of Christ can play a role in extending the love of God in Europe through Christ-centred churches.

The purpose of CECP is to help mobilize missionaries and church planters for gospel work in Europe. Today CECP missionaries are working in several European nations.